Get Started

A business account is your gateway to launch successful campaigns to increase your customer base and reward existing customers with “Thank you” discounts and other offers as part of a “Customer Loyalty Programme” that works.

It is free to start a business account, and there is absolutely no commitment to a monthly fee or a contract, our charges are totally based on the number of eVouchers issued to run your campaign. Once you Sing-Up for a business account, we will send you our Welcome Pack containing all necessary information.

Campaigns & eVouchers

Club Vouchers campaigns usually have a start and end dates of your choice, you may start a campaign and define its period and conditions to suit your business trends, for example you may like to increase your visitors during less busy times on normal weekdays and exclude weekends, run two or more campaigns at the same time each serves a specific purpose. Publish your campaign at our site and your own website for even greater market exposure. Club Vouchers system has the power that help your business to have stronger online presence and the tools to manage and control eVoucher creation and redemption at an extremely low cost to you

Club Vouchers’ eVouchers

There are five types of eVouchers that cover almost all kinds of electronic purchasing or discount passes. Our eVouchers work the same way as when you order printed vouchers, you tell the printer the quantity you need, in our case you tell the system how many eVouchers you wish to issue. Club Vouchers system is probably the only system we know of that allows businesses to directly run their own online campaigns and issue monetary and nonmonetary value eVouchers

Deal eVouchers:

A Deal eVoucher displays the normal price of a product that is being offered at a discounted price for a specified period. A good example of a meal deal normally costs £25 but it can be offered for £15 at a certain period with certain conditions. Deal eVouchers can be very effective in attracting customers to the business especially at periods when business trend is low.

Gift eVouchers:

A well known type of voucher that has a monetary value in multiples of £10. The customer can purchase any price combination to suit their budget. A Gift eVoucher can be customised by the purchaser with a message to the gift receiver, the eVoucher can be redeemed up to the value of the gift.

Discount eVouchers:

These vouchers do not have a fixed price, but they display a discounted percentage rate of the value a customer might pay. They are mainly used for marketing campaigns without limiting the customer to a set value deal.

Offer eVouchers:

Offer vouchers do not have a monetary value, they are mainly used to draw customers attention to an added value items. For example a restaurant might offer a free bottle of house wine with a dinner for two people or more

Group Discount eVouchers:

These vouchers as the name represents designed for group booking, a group is defined by the business to offer certain discounts on a number of people visiting together. A percentage value determined by the business will be deducted from the final group bill.


Club Vouchers For Merchants is a great way to introduce new customers to your business and reward existing customers with a “Thank you” discounts and offers. It is part of a “Customer Loyalty & Marketing Programme” that works to bring your customers back in again and again at a very low cost to you.