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About Club Vouchers

About The Site

Club Vouchers is a reward & loyalty platform designed for restaurants to launch cut-price campaigns to reward you “the customer” with value deals and promotional offers. The system provides the necessary tools for the food & drink establishments to directly issue and publish special deals and exciting offers as part of promotional service for you to enjoy.


About The Company

Club Vouchers site is operated by Club Vouchers Ltd., registered in England & Wales under company number 9426611. Our trading office address: Suite 8, 41 Thames Street, Windsor SL4 1PR. Our contact number for customer services and other inquiries: 020 3137 6267.


About The Concept

We do things differently here compared to other deal and offer sites. As our name suggests, we are a Club representing many businesses from the food & drink line of trade who bring to you these value deals and free offers with continuing rewards. Our most important member is you “the customer” whom we try our best to bring you top savings, rewards and value added services.


About Our Service

Our idea is simple; Club Vouchers system allow restaurants to issue five types of eVouchers that can cover almost every kind of discount we can think of. We intend to call our vouchers “eVouchers”, this is because they are issued and validated electronically and delivered to your email address. There is no shipment involved in the delivery process and we or our restaurant members do not supply goods that require postage or shipment. We do not encourage our customers to print our eVouchers only in extreme cases, we are environmentally friendly and this is our least contribution to encourage our users to do the same. Please see eVoucher Types page for more details on each type usage, features and benefits.


About "MyClub" account

Club Vouchers user account is called “MyClub”, creating an account is free and does not commit you to any purchases or downloads, its there ready to store your eVouchers when you make your first purchase or get a free promotional offer. The MyClub account offer you the necessary tools to reference your eVouchers, check the history of your purchases and assign certain account settings. You may cancel your account at any time you wish but all history information will be automatically deleted.


About Working with us

Working with Club Vouchers is easy and transparent, our system is designed for Restaurants to simply launch campaigns as and when needed. There is no commitment to a monthly fee or a fixed contract, it’s simply a rolling arrangement as and when you need to launch and campaign and issue your eVouchers. All it takes is to Sign Up for a businesses account and start launching your campaigns. Please refer to the section “For Merchants” for more detailed information on how Club Vouchers system performs and can interact with your business.

Club Vouchers For Merchants is a great way to introduce new customers to your business and reward existing customers with a “Thank you” gift and discount offers. It is part of a “Customer Reward & Loyalty Programme” that works to bring your customers back in again at a very low cost to you.

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Club Vouchers is a public service offering discounted and promotional eVouchers with the opportunity to present and redeem at the chosen venue to make your experience more enjoyable.

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