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How to redeem your eVoucher

All our eVouchers are redeemed in the same way, when you buy a “Deal or Gift” eVoucher or get a promotional free “Discount, Offer or Group” eVoucher, the actual eVoucher is placed in two locations:


  1. In your MyClub account where you can reference or print your eVoucher at any time you wish by logging to your account.
  2. The same eVoucher is automatically sent to your registered email address at the time when you completed the basket transaction. If you have selected to send the eVoucher as a personalised gift, a copy is also stored in your account and another is sent to the gift receiver.


Understanding your eVoucher

Your eVoucher contains a QR code that identifies the authenticity of the eVoucher, this code represents the unique numbering system assigned to our eVouchers. The example below illustrates our numbering system.


Redeeming your eVoucher

Your eVoucher will be read by our Mobile App called “ClubMerchant”, and its available for the iPhone and Android mobile devices. The App is downloaded by the Merchant’s staff and ready to use when you present your eVoucher.


When you are ready to use your eVoucher and make your visit to your chosen venue, we recommend the following:

  1. Its best to make a booking before your visit by contacting the Merchant directly on the phone numbers shown on the eVoucher; especially if the Merchant requires booking before hand, and Let the Merchant know that you have a “Club Vouchers” eVoucher.
  2. During your visit, present your eVoucher for validation, the eVoucher can be scanned directly from your mobile device or from a printed copy.
  3. If you have access to your email on your device, the copy we sent to your email address can be used to validate your eVoucher. Remember you may need an Internet connection to call up your emails.
  4. Validating the eVoucher is simple and usually done in few seconds, our App will report back to the Merchant the status of your eVoucher and can redeem it instantly. If the App fails to validate your eVoucher for any reason, the Merchant may use a regular computer to access their Merchant Account and validate the eVoucher directly on Club Vouchers system.


Redeeming problems

We would like you to feel that you are in good hands and we are always available to solve any issues. We do our best to help make your experience pleasant and enjoyable. Club Vouchers’ uses the latest technologies to ensure smooth and reliable exchange of information between our server and our Merchant members. Sometimes for reasons beyond our control systems may be down or Internet connection not available to redeem your eVoucher correctly. In this case we ask the Merchant to give us a call to help solve the situation by accessing the system directly and provide back up answers for the Merchant. If you have any problems redeeming your eVoucher please call us directly on: 020 3137 6267


Club Vouchers For Merchants is a great way to introduce new customers to your business and reward existing customers with a “Thank you” gift and discount offers. It is part of a “Customer Reward & Loyalty Programme” that works to bring your customers back in again at a very low cost to you.

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