FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Vouchers website?

Club Vouchers is an online marketplace designed exclusively for restaurants to sell electronically generated Gift eVouchers and to launch cut-price campaigns to reward you “The Customer” with value deals and exciting offers as part of a Loyalty & Reward promotional programme for you to save and enjoy.

What are Gift eVouchers?

Gift eVouchers have a monetary value of £20, £30, £40, £50, £75 and a maximum of £100. Our Gift eVouchers do not have an expiry date so you can be rest assured that they can be used at any time after purchase. You may personalise the gift with a message of your choice and it is automatically sent to the gift receiver using their email address, a copy is also stored in your account for future reference.

How do I send my gift eVoucher to someone special?

During the purchase process, you will be asked to personalise your gift. A simple form is dedicated to enter the gift receiver name, email address and a message with your own words. When the purchase process is complete, the gift eVoucher is automatically sent to the gift receiver using the email address you supplied. At the same time the eVoucher is also saved into your user account for future reference.

Does Gift eVouchers have an expiry date?

No, our gift eVouchers do not expire, in fact you can clearly see in the terms and conditions section and at the bottom of the eVoucher that the expiry condition shows “Expiry: valid until redeemed”.

What is a discount eVoucher?

Our discount eVoucher provides you with a range of 10%, 15% and up to %60 discount on your final bill. When you purchase a discount eVoucher for only 99p, all you need to do is present this at the restaurant to apply the discount to your final bill.

What is a deal eVoucher?

These are set-deal eVouchers, a restaurant may introduce a reduced deal on the normal price they usually charge. A typical example of this: a normal price of £31 that may include a starter, main course, dessert and a drink is reduced to £20 on certain days of the week. You will be able to purchase this deal for 99p and the restaurant will honour it when you present your eVouchers to pay the £20 rather than the full price of £31 as in this example.

What is an Offer eVoucher?

These are certain offers published by restaurants from time to time. A good example of this: a restaurant may offer a Free bottle of house wine with your meal for two people or more. You may purchase this offer for 99p to reflect a great savings on the full price of the bottle of wine.

What are the conditions shown on my eVoucher means?

When restaurants launch a promotional campaign, usually the campaign have certain conditions or limitations as how and when the eVoucher is valid. For example a restaurant may apply certain conditions on the days of the week when the eVoucher is accepted. Please read the conditions carefully before making any purchase, also these conditions are displayed on your eVoucher as a reminder alongside some guidelines for you to note.

Why cannot I see my eVoucher in my email box?

When you make a purchase, the eVoucher is sent to the email address you supplied and another copy is stored in your user account for further reference. The most common reason for not being able to see your eVoucher in your email box is that it may have slipped into your Spam folder, this depends on your email box settings you have assigned for your email box. We recommend that you check your spam folder first before exploring other reasons.

How is my eVoucher delivered to my email box?

We use SendGrid for reliable email delivery of our eVouchers, in very rare cases where delivery was no successful, you may log into your user account and access your eVoucher. You can print or re-send the eVoucher again to your email address. However, we recommend that you check your spam folder just incase the eVoucher slipped in there without noticing.

How do I redeem my eVoucher?

Redeeming is a process done at the point of presentation, when you make your visit to the chosen venue, you will be able to show your eVoucher on your mobile device or in print. The staff at the restaurant will use our App to validate the eVoucher, should this fail for any reason, another method is applied by entering the eVoucher number manually to validate the eVoucher.

What is the eVoucher number and how it is used?

When you purchase an eVoucher, the number is generated alongside the QR code which is electronically printed on the eVoucher itself. The QR code and the complete eVoucher number is used by the restaurant to identify the authenticity of the eVoucher, also it is used to verify the status of the eVoucher, for example if it has expired or been refunded, or it has been presented not in accordance with the required conditions stated on the eVoucher.

Why should I pay 99p for discount, deal or offer eVouchers?

Our Discount, Deal and Offer eVouchers are guaranteed to bring you top savings. We have waved our fee to the restaurant to get you higher discount rates and better deals. The higher your table bill the more savings you are likely to make. A good example of this: a table bill for four people or more may have a value of £100, applying a discount of 15% eVoucher reduces your bill to £85. In many cases restaurants are reluctant to give higher discount rates if we were to add our charges on top of the discount, by waving our charges we are able to get better rates for you.

Why I cannot refund my 99p eVoucher?

Unfortunately these types of eVouchers are not included under our refund policy and no refund can be applied to the 99p eVouchers. The reason for this is controlled by bank and gateway online charges in addition to administration charges which normally exceeds the amount charged for the eVoucher. Therefore it is not possible to process a refund which may further incur additional charges in some cases may exceed the 99p value.

How does my User Account work?

User account (MyAccount) is created to keep track of any purchases of your eVouchers. The account is free and does not commit you to any purchase. When you login to your account, the first screen you see is your Dashboard which contains some history and statistical information. You can view and print your eVouchers, update your profile and some other system settings that may help to make your visit experience more enjoyable.

When I purchase an eVoucher, where is it stored?

All types of eVouchers are stored in your user account under the tab (Your eVouchers). It is not possible to make a purchase without creating an account first. In addition to your user account, we always send your eVoucher to the email address you provided, just make sure it does not slip into your Spam folder or into any other folder. In case of Gift eVouchers, we always send to the gift receiver email address as well as a copy stored in your account.

How to request a refund?

We try our best to give our customers a fair refund policy and guarantee refunds within the specified period. However, our refund policy only covers and applies to unredeemed purchased Gift eVouchers. Any other eVoucher types issued by Club Vouchers like the 99p “Discount, Deal and Offer eVouchers” are considered promotional eVouchers and are excluded from our Refund Policy.

  1. You must have your eVoucher number and your user account registered name before requesting a refund.
  2. The best way to request a refund is to send us an email to our dedicated refund email address: accounts@clubvouchers.com, make sure to include your name and eVoucher number.
  3. Once your request is received, a confirmation will be sent to you confirming that we have received your request.
  4. If your request is made within the 10 days period, the refund will be automatically processed and paid to the account you originally used to make the purchase. Then we will inform you by email when the transaction is completed.
  5. If your request is made outside the 10 days period, we will turn down the refund as stated in our “User Terms of Service, Refund Policy”.

What happens if there is a dispute with the restaurant I am visiting?

Most our customers have experienced great service and no real issues to report of any kind of dispute, in fact the majority have praised and enjoyed great savings. All our participating restaurants have agreed to our Terms of Service before they can offer you gift or promotional material and to provide you with the best service. However, if you feel you need to talk to us about a specific issue, you may use our online form or contact us directly by phone, we are happy to help whenever we can.

Why can’t I redeem my eVoucher after expiry date?

With our Gift eVouchers there is no expiry date, the condition shown on the eVoucher clearly states that the eVoucher is valid until redeemed. For other types of eVouchers like discount, deal and offer, the expiry date is assigned by the restaurant as when to end the promotional campaign period and the restaurant will not accept any eVoucher after the stated expiry date shown on the eVoucher.

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