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Club Vouchers is “The Marketplace” built exclusively for restaurants. We enable restaurants like yours to sale real cash value Gift eVouchers and deliver Promotional campaigns with our Promo eVouchers whenever you need to get more customers through your door. Restaurants currently using our Gift & Promo eVouchers have tripled their sales and are generating more revenue due to higher visibility and easy processing.

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It is completely free to start a Restaurant Account and will remain free and does not commit you to any monthly fees or a contract. It takes less than 5 minutes to start your account. With your Restaurant Account you can do many brilliant things, like launch Gift and Promo campaigns, monitor your sales with your dashboard, and best of all; check your monthly sales growing with our reporting tools. Simply create your account by clicking on the blue button “Restaurant Account” found at the top right corner of your screen, and select “Create Account”.

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Gift eVouchers
Easy, Attractive And Always Available

Gift Pack

Our gift eVouchers completely replace costly printed traditional vouchers, because it is electronically generated and redeemed through our Android and iPhone App. It will certainly reduce your printing and postage costs; and save you great deal of time and expense on validation when presented.

Gift eVouchers have real cash value of £20, £30, £40, £50, £75 and £100 to suite every budget. Customers may purchase these eVouchers directly from your own website or from club vouchers website. Our Gift eVouchers have really pretty designs and allows the customer to personalise and send to the gift receiver in few seconds, all done on the system.

Promo eVouchers
Choose From Discount, Deal and Offer eVouchers

Gift Pack

Our Promo eVouchers have no charge to you what so ever! We feel that you possibly reducing your prices during a promotional campaign, and any further charges on top of your already discounted prices is not a good idea. Therefore we will not charge you for any promotional services but we ask you to honour our eVouchers when presented.

Choose from three different types of eVouchers to attract more customers to your restaurant. Our Discount, Deal and Offer eVouchers can cater for every type of promotional campaign you choose to take. They can be customised to suit your business needs especially to attract customers during less busy times. is a Reward & Loyalty marketing service designed for restaurants to launch cut-price campaigns to reward you “The Customer” with value deals and offers.
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